Abandoned Factory (Aeroplane Parts)

Our latest exploration took us to an un-named former aluminium alloy extrusion company that primarily manufactured parts for aeroplanes, including the Concorde. The factory closed in 2007 and has remained empty ever since. Spread out over 45-acres, the site once employed hundreds of people. Today there is not a person in sight.


We arrived at the site in the evening, a first for us as we usually visit in the mornings. Instantly we were struck by the size and quantity of all the large warehouses.


The first building we explore was the size of numerous football fields and we were absolutely fascinated. After taking numerous photos and recording vlog material, expressing our astonishment, we headed to the large warehouse.


The second warehouse we explored was the largest of the buildings we have explored, probably the largest single building we have explored to date. The large metal infrastructure was breathtaking and we spent over 30 minutes going around the extensive warehouse.


Surely we couldn’t surpass the incredible warehouses, but somehow we did. Next along our exploration of the site were offices and a huge surprise.


A labratory! Not one, but two! These were absolutely incredible and so many original features remained. Old test results, chemicals, glass tubes… all remained. We had a great time taking pictures and recording more vlog material.


Before we explored the offices, we found a flight of stairs that took us down to a basement. There was no light, but we found an incredible storage of folders and documents, dating back up to 40 years.


The offices were absolutely enormous and spanned out across a large area of the site. Walking along the dark and dreary corridors we saw office after office with all the furnishings, such as desks and chairs remaining.


We eventually reached the end of this large building and left out of an open fire exit. After a short walk we discovered more warehouses, these weren’t as impressive as the first ones we visited however we still took some more pictures.


Continuing along the path of the site, we found stairs that led down to even more buildings. A number of these were not accessible as they were dangerous, due to roofs caving in. After a short look around the area we decided we were happy to pack up our stuff and head home as it was getting dark.




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