St George’s Works Mill

This week we took a trip down to Lancaster to explore the locally well known St George’s Works Mill. As mentioned in the vlog, there is very little details available online to give you a brief overview of the history of the site. What we do know if there was severe fire damage in 2012, which led to the roof being removed and therefore leaving the building to remain derelict. There are plans however to turn this site into a huge student housing development for Lancaster University.


The building itself is of some significance it stature and before going in we thought there would be much to explore.


On entering the building, we were greeted with an option of going up or down stairs, we decided to start from the bottom and explore the site floor to floor.

HDRtist HDR -

In the first sizeable open space we found large white pillars with interesting graffiti along with other interesting remains, such as a ladder going down to a basement and an old staircase which had been destroyed by fire damage.



Taking into account the risk of fire damage, we continued upstairs to the next floor where we were surprised to find the roof half caved in at the other side of the large open space room.


Cautiously we took some fantastic shots of the room and Lee experimented with a HDR Panorama, which turned out great.

HDRtist HDR -

Due to the greater extent of fire damage the higher up we explored, I decided to check the next floor to see if it was safe or not. Unfortunately it was not so we left the main building to the second smaller outer building.

HDRtist HDR -

From what we had discovered online, this building had a lot of fantastic original features still remaining. One problem did arise however and that was that we could not get in, due to all possible entry points being boarded up.


After taking a few shots of the buildings from a distance, we packed up, headed to the car and ventured to our next site to explore.




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