Skinburness Hotel

The Skinburness Hotel was constructed under the orders of Charles Ferguson, a local architect in 1878 for a considerable sum of £22,000. This was built for the family of Edwin Hodge Banks of Wigton. Since then the hotel has passed through numerous hands, more recently in 2006 when the owners at the time were declared bankrupt. This resulted in Northstar Capital Projects snapping up the site for £450,000, with a view to demolish the buildings and replace them with a retirement home. This failed and the Skinburness Hotel has remained derelict ever since. 


What first struck us about this exploration was the size of the hotel and the fact that after only a number of years, the site was an absolute wreckage.


The first area of the hotel that we explored was the pool area, it was very dark so we needed lights to make our way around. What used to be changing rooms and a pool was now just bleak white rooms and open space. After recording some vlog footage and taking numerous photos, we continued down the corridors towards a bedroom and staircase.



The bedroom was unusual as it was situated by itself in the very back of the hotel by stairs leading to bedrooms, so the question has to be asked what this room originally was. Photo opportunities were fantastic, there was an eerie atmosphere due to the darkness and the fact that parts of the hotel had collapsed.



Heading up the staircase, it was an odd feeling without the assistance or presence of a banister so we carefully made our way up, looking back down at the “horror movie” landing of the stairs.



We were greeted by numerous hotel rooms, many still with furnishings such as beds, desks and fitted bathrooms. This again was a great area for photos and vlog material.

HDRtist HDR -

As we made our way along the corridor of bedrooms it became apparent we couldn’t risk continuing any further as the floor was soft and stairs the over side of the corridor had given way. We decided to head back down past the pool to the other side of the hotel.


This was the scary part. It was pitch black so we needed lighting at all time. Walking carefully along a very narrow corridor we could see the kitchen and in front of us the original lobby. We decided to leave the kitchen for on the way back out, so we looked around the original landing, check-in area and lobby.


Looking around, it was incredible how much decay and deterioration could happen after just a few years. The whole area was a complete wreckage and the landing was completely unappealing.


Venturing up the grand staircase, we found an old office with a safe that was sealed. The room itself was much like the rest of the hotel, a mess. We decided not to continue up the stairs as the majority had caved in and was unsafe.


Heading back downstairs, we looked around the check-in area, Lee got a number of pictures and I recorded some vlog footage.


We decided to have a look around the old bar and restaurant area next and this was very intimidating as the room was pitch black. With lighting on full, we found an old bar area and could make out what was a restaurant area.


The kitchen was the only place remaining and so on our way back we headed into the kitchen area. It was incredible to see so many features remaining and if anything the kitchen was one of the only areas that seemed to remain in reasonable condition.



Our final area of exploration in the hotel was the ballroom, this was no ballroom however. There was no roof and it was simply just an open space with a collapsed roof in the middle of the room. After taking our last pictures and vlog material we decided to call it a day.

ballroom pano_1

Our vlog can be found here.




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