Bramham House Orphanage

Bramham House was built in 1806 by the vicar of Bramham, Rev. Robert Bownas. In 1814 the house was sold and presented to the buyer’s son as a wedding gift. From 1856 to 1947, Bramham House had numerous owners until the West Riding County Council Children’s Department purchased the building, where it was made into an orphanage. Bramham House became a family group home to accommodate neglected and homeless children. The home also accommodated children from broken homes, family problems and those who had failed to respond to treatment for non school attendance within the local community. The house was home to up to 37 children at one time, until it closed in the early 1980’s due to the children moving to a new home in Wetherby.  


This week we travelled down to York to explore High Royds Asylum. Unfortunately we could not find an access point so we had to find a new location to explore, luckily we came across an abandoned orphanage nearby. On arrival we were approached by a security man, he was very fair however and allowed us to continue with our exploration.


After venturing around the grounds of the building we entered the building and immediately needed to put on our masks as all the doors and windows were boarded up.


Making our way through the basement, we were taken aback by how dark and eerie this floor was. The rooms were trashed and covered with graffiti. We decided to continue upstairs as there wasn’t exactly any point of interests in the basement.


Making our way upstairs, we were greeted with even more graffiti and damage caused by vandals. This floor was much brighter however and there was more to explore so we made our way along each room, taking pictures and Lee of course recording vlog material. As this floor was so ventilated we could also take off our masks.



One of the standout features of this site is the grand stairwell, not much remains due to vandalism and general deterioration. It was a beautiful sight however and we both took numerous pictures of such an outstanding feature.



The next floor was a little bit more dangerous as the floor had given way in a number of places, so we had to be careful with our footing.


Continuing with the theme of vandalism and damage, this floor was an absolute state, although it was empty there was graffiti covering the majority of the walls.


We decided not to go to the top floor as the stairs were not secure and we did not want to risk any accidents.


After taking some final pictures in the basement, we headed to the car to drive to our next location. On reflecting on the site, it was a strange feeling going into something like an orphanage, somewhat like it would be when exploring an abandoned hospital. Children used to live here, to them it was there home. Now it is just an abandoned ruin, targeted by vandals.


Our vlog can be found here




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