About Aaron

“Politicians, old buildings and fine wine become more respectable with age.”

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I believe that times may change but the history will always remain. This belief motivates me in my passion for urban exploration. For many an old building is just an old building, but for me an old building is something fascinating. Exploring war bases, old ruined mansions and World War II weapon factories has opened my eyes to the past, and how important it is to remember and cherish how our ancestors lived. This with an interest in photography and blogging has led me to my activity of urban exploration. 

Having a passion for travelling, urban exploration is the perfect fit for me. Visiting historic and culturally magnificent places such as Cairo and Marrakech has really opened my eyes to the world. Marrakech is my favourite location in the world. The architecture, the culture, the history… Marrakech is a truly special place and I would recommend a visit to anyone who is a fellow lover of travelling. These experiences have helped me to appreciate the beauty and importance of the most simplistic abandoned locations.

I have known Lee for nearly 10 years and overtime has become one of my closest friends, as a result his passion for photography and filming has had an effect on me. In the early days we made pathetic short films together, seeing the progress that he has made is phenomenal. In recent times Lee has created a vlog channel and after appearing in vlogs where we explored an abandoned RAF base and a derelict hotel, we caught the bug of urban exploration.

Due to the growing attention and success of these vlogs we have decided to create this site to showcase our adventures. With experience in blogging, I will be responsible for creating the blog posts of our adventures, documenting our explorations and providing you with the closest experience as possible to make you feel like you are accompanying us on our adventures.

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